Parallel 26: Jan PoetterJan Poetter Parallel 26
Ausstellungen 2014

Jan Pötter

My super sweet Sixteen (After A.Dürer); 100x150cm, Mixed Media on Paper

Parallel 26

Malerei / Paintings on Paper

Altes Rathaus Neuenhaus, Haupstr. 24 (gegenüber des Kunstvereins, parallel zu Martin Mele). 
In Zusammenarbeit mit der Stadt Neuenhaus.

Bis 16. November. Öffnungszeiten: sonntags, 15 – 18 Uhr u.n.V. zu den Öffnungszeiten des Kunstvereins (mi–sa: 15–18, so 11–18 Uhr)

Jan Pötter,  *1988 in Nordhorn (GER), lives and works in Berlin & Leipzig
2008-2012 AKI Enschede (NL). Bachelor of Fine Art. Study of Painting & Drawing. Lesson amongst others by Elly Strik, Charlotte Schleiffert, Gé-Karel van der Sterren, Martina Klein, Joris Geurts, Kars Persoon, Kees Smits and Harry Brusche.
Born and raised in the countrified landscapes of the North-West of Germany, he early got in contact with the local long tradition of brass music. Nearly every commune has its own brass orchestra that plays during the church services. Furthermore the so called hand-made Middewinterhörner, long horns made from wood, are played during the days of winter. In addition to that it exists a hunting tradition as well. A hunt opens and ends with a signal played by a horn. This inspired him to compose his own hunting signals. An art exhibition and a hunt are in a way both cultural ceremonies. So he decided to create small hunting signal based compositions for exhibitions he takes part of. The piece is played live by him during the opening and the closing of the exhibition.

Movie "Signal – The Guardians of the Shy Emerald – Bristol (UK) "/ vimeo at